The seeds for Gavyam Organics were planted a few decades ago when we were just youngsters, born into an ancestry of farmers living in a village called “Muru” along with cows, calves, and buffaloes. While we enjoyed mother earth's bounty in our childhood, we were unaware that the coming decades will bring fundamental changes to our lives.

Growing up, we moved to top colleges like IITs and NITs in order to study and eventually get jobs in big corporations and earn a handsome salary. Nevertheless, whenever we had a chance to visit our village during festivals, we would stay with our grandparents, and enjoy farming.

We still remember saying this Shloka from Yajurveda before every meal as children.

ॐ यन्तु नदयोः वर्षन्तु पर्जया सुपि प्पला ओषधयोः भवन्तुः ।
अन्नवताम् ओदनवताम् मामि क्षवताम् एशाम् राजा भूयासन्।।
ओदन् मुत्ब्रुवते परमेष्ठीवा एषः यदोदनः ।
परमामेवैनम् श्रियंगमयति ।।1।।

i.e. "Rivers flow and clouds rain. Medicinal plants flourish and all trees bear fruit. Let me be friendly to the people who produce food grains like rice and milk products. The cooked food served on the plate is a gift from God whose consumption will lead to the highest level of prosperity and well-being."

As time flew, Due to the overproduction of vegetables and dairy products on an industrial scale, the essence of food was lost, along with its taste and nutritional value, so the food we ate wasn't 100% wholesome. Also economic growth of our food producers, small farmers, was left on the mercy of market forces.

Desi cows have been a vital part of Indian lifestyle from the vedic period. Nothing enriches soil better than a Desi Cow dung manure. But the wisdom has been lost and chemicals have taken over current farming practices. The Gaushala system has been replaced by industrial dairy, and only cows capable of producing 25-30 liters of milk are prioritized.

When we looked back we realized how far we have come from our village, our traditions and our relationship with mother earth, animals and people around. There came the turning point of our career when 'Naren' finally decided to give up future in engineering and ventured into something we loved and were passionate about it. Hence, we adapted organic farming as our primary activity to bring back the valuable taste of food to the society. We also wanted to share our experiences to small scale farmers and young entrepreneurs who want to traverse this path.

Gavyam Organics was founded on the auspicious occasion of Diwali 2014 in village “Muru” irrigated by the “Maniyari” river in the heart ofChhattisgarh. We started a small Gaushala in our 20 acre farm with 3 Gir cows Santoshi, Lakshmi, and Kali and began to grow organic vegetables and green fodder for the cows. Having this farm was our gateway to introduce our product with both quality and quantity at a sustainable level.

Today we can proudly say that all our products are of the highest quality. We have a family of 30+ cows of desi breeds like Gir, Sahiwal and Red Sindhi. Our Milk and Ghee are one of the best in the market. We can go on talking about our products and its benefits for days but that won't convince anyone, as natural and organic products are something to be experienced by senses, felt by body and mind, and not to be read about. Have Gavyam, have quality!