Our Story

Gavyam (गव्यम) means "coming from or belonging to a cow".Cows have been the roots of farming in India from the ancient period. Traditionally, everything we consume comes directly or indirectly from cows. While Milk, Ghee, Curd, etc. are directly sourced; Paddy, Pulses, and Vegetables were cultivated using cow dung manure.

With Gavyam Organics, we want to revive and promote organic farming based on Desi Cow and serve the society with our products' high purity, rich taste, and great nutritional value.

Shuddha Desi Ghee Made by

Traditional Bilona Method

The Bilona Ghee manufactured by Gavyam Organics is specially known for its exquisite taste, high quality, hygiene and purity. This is a 100% natural product extracted using hand churned method, made with farm-fed Desi cow's milk that contains A2 protein and other natural minerals. To obtain granular Ghee with rich nutrients, pure A2 milk is further processed using the traditional bilona method. It requires around 30 liters of milk to produce 1 litre Ghee, during the process we specially maintain hygiene. A regular intake of Desi Cow's Ghee lowers cholesterol and improves immunity, and contains 25 types of minerals and vitamins. Vitamin A present in ghee helps to keep good eyesight. As the skin becomes dry in the winter, A2 ghee may keep it soft and smooth.
If you are health conscious and looking for pure A2 Ghee, you can consider Gavyam Organics anytime.

Improves Digestion
Slows Aging
Lowers Cholesterol
Helps in Fat loss
Good for Brain Development

Shuddha A2 Milk

Direct from the farm!

(delivery available at bilaspur only)

Gavyam Organics is committed to serve pure A2 Milk (from Gir, Sahiwal and Red Sindhi breed) in Bilaspur, straight from the heart of the farm. Unlike regular milk, which contains the A1 type protein,Gavyam’s Desi Cow Milk contains only A2 type protein, which makes it more nutritious and healthy. A2 milk is more digestive and healthier than A1 milk (generally obtained from HF and other foreign cow breeds).
Our Gaushala located in “Muru”, near Chhattisgarh High Court consists of only Indian native breeds of cows , hence is a source of safe & hygienic milk. Currently, Gavyam Organics’ A2 milk is only available in Bilaspur and its nearby areas. In the coming years, we are looking to expand our market of organic A2 milk by creating awareness in the minds of people.

Enhance Intelligence and Immunity
Proven Medical Qualities
Good for infant, Kids & Adults
Rich In Calcium, Protein and Omega3
Easily Digestible